KLU GARDEN The One Capone footstool


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  • height 42 cm.
  • width 57 cm.
  • depth 57 cm.

Construction color standard RAL 7016 anthracite gray / graphite


Corrosion resistant

Flame retardant


Stain resistant

Product advantages

Corrosion resistant, Flame retardant, Outdoor, Stain resistant, Waterproof

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3 working days



Placing your legs on a raised platform prevents many health ailments. Using the footrest primarily eliminates the tension of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it has a good effect on the circulatory system, preventing varicose veins that may occur in the case of prolonged standing or sitting in a normal position.
The footstool in the garden variant has several functions. First of all, it increases the comfort of rest, providing excellent support for tired legs. It can also be used as an additional seat or coffee table in emergency situations.
If these arguments are missing only excellent workmanship, perfectly selected materials and a fashionable, simple, loft form, then the KLU GARDEN The One footstool is just for you!
The frame of the footrest is made of powder-coated aluminum (black, graphite or white to choose from). What does it mean?? It is light and at the same time stable. The wind will not move it, but at the same time you will do it easily. Thanks to the powder coating technology, the paint coating is resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage, vagaries of weather and UV radiation.
CAPONE fabric is a revolution among upholstery fabrics.
It is strong, very durable, waterproof and flame retardant, thanks to which it can cope with even the most demanding weather conditions.
It is ideal for covering outdoor furniture, e.g. in public facilities, such as hotels, water parks. It will be used in commercial tents or advertising banners.
An additional advantage is the fact that this fabric is extremely easy to keep clean.
Excellent technical parameters – very high grammage, resistance to light, resistance to sea water, 95% PVC coating, antibacterial properties and flame retardant make its choice for garden furniture almost obvious.
The decorative stitching in a contrasting black color adds an undoubted charm to the CAPONE 12 cushions.
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Additional information

Product advantages

Corrosion resistant, Flame retardant, Outdoor, Stain resistant, Waterproof

Order delivery time

3 working days



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