Corner sofa 2+3 KLU GARDEN The One Inari


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  • height 82 cm.
  • width 207 x 270 cm.
  • depth 80 cm.

Frame color standard RAL 7016 anthracite gray / graphite


Corrosion resistant

Stain resistant
Product advantages

Corrosion resistant, Stain resistant

Order delivery time

3 working days



The decent-sized KLU GARDEN THE ONE corner sofa is enough space for family or friends, the comfort of resting like in the living room and such a fashionable loft style. It impresses not only with its size. Made of the highest quality materials and attention to detail. The cushions are precisely dimensioned and cut at an angle so as to fit into the frame of the frame.
Tests on prototypes have clearly shown that the comfort of use is affected not only by the thickness of the cushion, but also by the hardness and flexibility of the material. Therefore, all KLU GARDEN The One upholstered furniture uses 12 cm thick highly elastic foam, but with a different hardness in the seat and backrest for better user comfort.
The corner frame is made of powder-coated aluminum. What does it mean?? It is relatively light for such a size (the weight of the frame is about 47 kg), and at the same time stable. The wind will not move it, but you will do it without much problem. Thanks to the powder coating technology, the paint coating is resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage, vagaries of weather and UV radiation.
Armrests finished with teak wood, known for its wonderful natural properties. It has medium density, high oil content, low shrinkage in dry climate, high rolling resistance, not easy to deform. Wood fibers are medium rough, highly resistant to moisture, abrasion, rotting, warping and fire. Teak wood is the best material for high-end furniture, floors and interior decorations. It is often used in the manufacture of boats (salt water resistant), building houses and bridges. But most of all, it’s just beautiful!
INARI – structural upholstery fabric, raw, slightly rough to the touch, imitating natural linen, with simple and strong weaving makes it an ideal material for everyday use, matching furniture with simple forms and headrests and as a decorative fabric, e.g. for pillows. It is resistant to abrasion and will last for many years, which is characteristic of braided lines. It has a high resistance to fading. Threads of different shades make the material not one-colored, and this significantly improves the usability of the furniture.
The OEKO-TEX® certificate is a confirmation that the offered product is free from harmful substances in concentrations that have a negative impact on human health, including: pesticides, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, banned azo dyes and extracted heavy metals.

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Product advantages

Corrosion resistant, Stain resistant

Order delivery time

3 working days



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